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Indicator title
Migrants: Condom Use
Condom use at last commercial sex: client report
Viral suppression at labour and delivery
Educational institutions: HIV workplace programmes
Malnutirion/Underweight prevalence
Percentage of sex workers (SWs) with active syphilis
Number of persons provided with post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)
New ART patients
Weight gain
Regulation of young people’s behaviour by a parent or primary caregiver
Percentage of currently married women who usually make a decision about their own health care either by themselves or jointly with their husbands (HIV-O11)
Number of individuals from the targeted audience reached through community outreach with at least one HIV information, education, communication or behavior change communication
Condom use among transgender people
Birth registration
Number and percentage of young people aged 10–24 years reached by life skills–based HIV education in schools
TB testing among symptom-screened positive
Maternal Nutritional Status at Postnatal Care
External Economic Support to the poorest households
Sexual decision-making among young people
Percentage of never married young women and men aged 15-24 who have never had sex [disaggregated by sex (female, male) and age (15-19, 20-24)]
Avoidance of health care due to stigma and discrimination (people living with HIV)
Educational institutions: rules and guidelines
Number and percentage of HIV-exposed infants who are exclusively breastfeeding at DPT3 visit
Retail outlets and services with condoms in stock
ARV toxicity prevalence