Capacity to provide advanced clinical and psychosocial support services for HIV/AIDS

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Percentage of health facilities that have the capacity and conditions to provide advanced HIV/AIDS clinical care and psycho-social support services, including providing and monitoring antiretroviral combination therapy Capacity to provide advanced HIV/AID
What it measures

This indicator measures the availability of advanced services specific to people living with HIV/AIDS. It is assumed that the services and items measured in this indicator require substantial input and personnel training beyond what is routine for most health systems.


1. Number of facilities at which the individual items for each service or item listed above exist 2. Number of facilities at which all components for each individual service or item (a, b, c, d, e or f) exist 3. Number of facilities at which all components for all individual services and items (a, b, c, d, e and f) exist


For 1, the total number of health facilities surveyed For 2 and 3, the total number of health facilities at which HIV/AIDS services in each of the areas identified in the definition are offered or relevant

Method of measurement

This information should be collected through a health facility survey with observation in all relevant service areas. Like core indicator 6, interviews of HIV/AIDS service providers would also be needed. The specific items for each service should be presented individually and at a first level of aggregation (all components of each service or item). When a reasonable proportion of facilities begin to have all first-level aggregated components, a second-level aggregation can be presented when appropriate.

Measurement frequency

Every 2-4 years


Education: N/A

Gender: N/A

Geographic location: N/A

Pregnancy status: N/A

Sector: N/A

Target: N/A

Time period: N/A

Type of orphan: N/A

Vulnerability status: N/A

Explanation of the numerator
Explanation of the denominator
Strengths and weaknesses

This indicator examines advanced HIV/AIDS services among all health facilities. In some settings, facilities will not have all items for each item or component, and countries may have different strategies for providing select advanced services at only certain levels of the health care system (that is, referral hospitals may offer a wider range of advanced care than health centres). Although this indicator does not stratify by level of health care facility, managers of national AIDS programmes can analyse this information if desired.

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