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Indicator title
Orphans living with siblings
Percentage of sex workers (SWs) with active syphilis
Basic material needs
Injecting drug users: safe injecting and sexual practices
Distribution of feeding practices (exclusive breastfeeding, replacement feeding, mixed feeding/other) for infants born to HIV-infected women at DPT3 visit
Succession planning
Percentage of antenatal care attendees positive for syphilis who received treatment
Number of eligible adults and children who newly initiated antiretroviral therapy (ART) during the reporting period (2012)
Malnutirion/Underweight prevalence
Accepting attitudes towards those living with HIV
Number of opioid substitution therapy (OSP) sites
Connection with an adult caregiver
Percentage of women accessing antenatal care (ANC) services who were tested for syphilis at first ANC visit
Number of adults reported with genital ulcer disease in the past 12 months
Children outside of family care
Percentage of children who are orphans
Number of needle and syringe programme (NSP) sites
Psychological health
Percentage of pregnant women attending antenatal care (ANC) whose male partner was tested for HIV in the last 12 months
Number of men reported with gonorrhoea in the past 12 months
Percentage of children who are vulnerable
Percentage of infants born to HIV-infected women who are started on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis within two months of birth
Percentage of men who have sex with men with active syphilis
Food security
Support for Children Affected by HIV and AIDS