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Percentage of currently married women who usually make a decision about their own health care either by themselves or jointly with their husbands (HIV-O11)
Percentage of infants born to HIV-infected women who are started on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis within two months of birth
Number and percentage of municipalities with at least one human rights network functioning
Support for Children Affected by HIV and AIDS
Receipt of Food Security Services
Number and percentage of young people aged 10–24 years reached by life skills–based HIV education in schools
Percentage of orphaned and vulnerable children aged 5–17 years who report improvement in their emotional well-being
Number of persons provided with post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)
Provision of Therapeutic or Supplementary Food to Undernourished PLHIV
Percentage of orphaned and vulnerable children aged 5–17 years who have three basic material needs met
Retail outlets and services with condoms in stock
Number and percentage of HIV-exposed infants who are exclusively breastfeeding at DPT3 visit
Number of cases of sexually transmitted infections treated
Sexually transmitted infections: comprehensive case management
Percentage of pregnant women attending antenatal care (ANC) whose male partner was tested for HIV in the last 12 months
Number of individuals from the targeted audience reached through community outreach with at least one HIV information, education, communication or behavior change communication