PrEP uptake

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Percentage of eligible people who initiated oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) during the reporting period
What it measures

This indicator measures the uptake of PrEP among those who are eligible.

  • Uptake on PrEP reflects people's awareness and interest in lowering their risk for HIV through the use of antiretrovirals.
  • Through disaggregation, this indicator can help managers compare the uptake of PrEP among different types of users (for example, by first-time users, age, gender, and members of priority populations).

Number of people who initiated oral PrEP during the reporting period


Number of people who were newly offered PrEP during the reporting period

Method of measurement

For the numerator and denominator. Programme recordsĀ 

The numerator includes those who started PrEP for the first time and those who have discontinued and restarted PrEP during the reporting period. The numerator should count each individual only once in a given reporting period.

The denominator is generated by counting the number of people offered PrEP after meeting eligibility criteria.

Oral PrEP dosing strategies may include daily and, for men who have sex with men, event-driven dosing. Since event-based dosing is recommended only for men who have sex with men, healthcare clients who are men who have sex with men could be asked at the time of PrEP initiation about their preferred dosing strategy. If event-based dosing is recorded in patient records or service registers, efforts must be made to ensure the confidentiality and security of these records, since event-based dosing will identify these clients as men who have sex with men.

The recommended reporting period is 12 months.

  • Gender (male, female, transgender)
  • Age (15-19, 20-24, 25-49 and 50+)
  • Experience with PrEP (first-time users, repeat users)
  • Key populations (men who have sex with men, people living in prisons and other closed settings, people who inject drugs, sex workers, transgender people) and adolescent girls and young women
  • Dosing (daily oral PrEP, event-driven PrEP (for men who have sex with men)).
Further information

WHO Strategic Information Guidelines, 2020 (

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