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Indicator title
Health Facility Staff: Unnecessary Precautions and Measures (Tier 2)
Health Facility Staff: Staff Needs and Support (Tier 2)
Early infant diagnosis
(CXCA_SCRN) (including CXCA_SCRN_POS) Percentage of HIV-positive women on ART screened for cervical cancer
(HTS_Index) Number of individuals who were identified and tested using Index testing services and received their results
Mother-to-child transmission of HIV
Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV
(HTS_RECENT) Number of newly diagnosed HIV-positive persons who received testing for recent infection with a documented result during the reporting period
Syphilis among pregnant women
(HTS_SELF) Number of individual HIV self-test kits distributed
(HTS_TST) (including HTS_TST_POS) Number of individuals who received HIV Testing Services (HTS) and received their test results
Congenital syphilis rate (live births and stillbirth)
HIV testing in pregnant women
(OVC_HIVSTAT) Percentage of orphans and vulnerable children (<18 years old) with HIV status reported to implementing partner
(PMTCT_EID) Percentage of infants born to HIV-positive women who received a first virologic HIV test (sample collected) by 12 months of age
(PMTCT_FO) Percentage of final outcomes among HIV exposed infants registered in a birth cohort
(PMTCT_HEI_POS) Number of HIV-infected infants identified in the reporting period, whose diagnostic sample was collected by 12 months of age
(PMTCT_STAT) (including PMTCT_STAT_POS) Percentage of pregnant women with known HIV status at antenatal care (includes those who already knew their HIV status prior to ANC)
HIV incidence
(TB_STAT) (including TB_STAT_POS) Percentage of new and relapse TB cases with documented HIV status
Estimates of the size of key populations (A–E)
(CXCA_TX) Percentage of cervical cancer screen-positive women who are HIV-positive and on ART eligible for cryotherapy, thermocoagulation or LEEP who received cryotherapy, thermocoagulation or LEEP
HIV prevalence among key populations (A-E)
(PMTCT_ART) Percentage of HIV-positive pregnant women who received ART to reduce the risk of mother-to-child-transmission (MTCT) during pregnancy
(TB_ART) Proportion of HIV-positive new and relapsed TB cases on ART during TB treatment