Viral suppression at labour and delivery

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Percentage of HIV-positive pregnant women who are virally suppressed at labour and delivery
What it measures

This indicator measures VL suppression at the time of delivery among HIV-positive pregnant women.

  • Viral suppression at the time of delivery is a service quality measure at a critical point in the VT risk period.
  • Two different denominators give indicators similar to general measures of VL suppression among people living with HIV: The programme-based denominator, that is, those on ART, delivering in a facility and having a VL test, measures the third "95". The population-based denominator, that is, those delivering in a facility regardless of ART status, measures population VL (of women living with HIV).

Number of HIV-positive pregnant women on ART during pregnancy and delivery at a facility during the reporing period and who were virally suppressed (VL <1000 copies/ml) at delivery


Number of HIV-positive pregnant women on ART during pregnancy who deliver at a facility during the reporting period and had a VL test during delivery

Method of measurement

For the numerator. Programme records (for example, PMTCT registers)

For the denominator.

Population-based denominator: Modelling-based estimates (for example, Spectrum AIM)

Programme-based denominator: Programme records, labour and delivery registers 

Note: This indicator should be interpreted with consideration of the VL testing coverage of HIV-positive pregnant women at delivery.

The recommended reporting period is 12 months.

  • Age (<15, 15-19, 20-24, 25+)
  • Timing of ART initiation (during pregnancy, on ART at first ANC visit).
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