Rate of unsafe injections per person

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Number of unsafe healthcare injections per person per year
What it measures

This indicator measures the extent of unsafe healthcare injections in a population and allows for monitoring of trends.

  • While risk of HIV transmission from unsafe healthcare injections has decreased globally, it remains an important programme priority in some countries.
  • This indicator is relevant in countries that experience outbreaks of healthcare injection-associated HIV infection, that have a history of unsafe injection practices (more than 0.25 unsafe injections/per person/per year) and/or that have a prevalence of HCV infection >2%.

Average number of unsafe healthcare injections during one year among survey respondents


Number of survey respondents who answer the question

Method of measurement

For the numerator and denominator. General population survey (for example, DHS, PHIA, AIS)

The numerator is calculated by multiplying the response from Q1 by the proportion who answer "no" to Q2.

Q1: "Have you had an injection for any reason in the last 12 months? If yes, how many injections have you had?"

Q2: "The last time you got an injection from a health worker, did he/she take the syringe and needle from a new unopened package?"

  • Gender (male, female, transgender)
  • Age (<15, 15+)
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