Condom use among transgender people

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Percentage of transgender people reporting using a condom the last time they had anal sex with a non-regular male partner
What it measures

This indicator measures the extent to which condoms are used by people who are likely to have higher risk sex.

  • Condom use at last high-risk sex act gives a good indication of overall levels and trends of protected and unprotected sex.
  • Changes in condom use are the combined result of community norms around condom use, availability of condoms and motivation of individuals to protect themselves when engaging in sex.
  • Quantifying the number of unprotected high-risk sexual acts is a critical input for modelling HIV transmission.

Number of transgender people who report that a condom was used the last time they had anal sex with a non-regular male partner in the last 6 months*

*Countries may apply different time periods to define which active key population members are eligible for the survey or are asked questions about condom use (for example, sex workers with a client in the last month). When a different time period defines a key population group more relevant for the epidemic context or consistent with a key population programme focus, countries should use that time period instead of the one given in the definition of the recommended indicator.


Number of transgender people who report having had anal sex with a non-regular male partner in the last 6 months

Method of measurement

Representative surveys of key populations (for example, BBS, BSS, HSS+). Where possible, results should be compared with rates of consistent condom use.

In countries where many men who have sex with men in the subpopulation surveyed are iikely to have partners of both sexes, condom use with female as well as male partners should be investigated.

Note: The GAM indicators for last time condom use for key populations differ from the indicators here in terms of the types of sexual partners with whom the respondent had sex the last time. GAM definitions include any sexual partner, while these definitions specify last sex with a higher risk (non-regular) partner.

  • Gender (male, female, transgender).
  • Age (<25, 25+).
Further information

WHO Strategic Information Guidelines, 2020 (

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