Capacity to provide basic counselling and testing and to manage clinical services for HIV/AIDS

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Percentage of health facilities that have the capacity and conditions to provide basic HIV counseling and testing and to manage HIV/AIDS clinical services. Capacity to provide basic HIV counseling and testing and health services is defined as: a. a sys
What it measures

For facilities that are providing these services, evaluating the degree to which capacity exists to carry out these HIV services is therefore important. The HIV/AIDS specific services and components identified and defined by this indicator are those that both support HIV/AIDS services and can reasonably be expected to exist in almost any health facility.


Many facilities that provide general curative care are also providing services related to HIV/AIDS and are caring for people living with HIV/AIDS. This may occur in settings that have no specific HIV/AIDS program.


1. Number of facilities at which the individual items for each service or item listed above exist
2. Number of facilities at which all components for each individual service or item (a, b, c, d
3. Number of facilities at which all components for all individual services and items (a, b, c, d
or e) existand e) exist


For 1, the total number of health facilities surveyed
For 2 and 3, the total number of health facilities at which HIV/AIDS services in each of the areas identified in the definition are offered or relevant

Method of measurement

This information should be collected through a health facility survey in all relevant service areas. HIV/AIDS service providers should also be interviewed. See Annex 1 of the WHO/UNAIDS C&S M&E Guide for details of the individual items identified for each of these, including detailed measurement instructions.

Measurement frequency

Every 2-4 years


Condom type: N/A

Education: N/A

Gender: N/A

Geographic location: N/A

HIV status: N/A

Pregnancy status: N/A

Sector: N/A

Service Type: N/A

Target: N/A

Time period: N/A

Type of orphan: N/A

Vulnerability status: N/A

Explanation of the numerator
Explanation of the denominator
Strengths and weaknesses

Although the objective is to determine the percentage of facilities that have all items within all serviceĀ 
item areas (a, b, c, d and e), few, if any, facilities will have this level of services. In many settings, facilities do not have all items for each service. The specific items to support each service should therefore be presented individually. This indicator does not provide individual information for voluntary counselling and testing services or for services for preventing the mother-to-child transmission of HIV except if: 1) the services are integrated within the health facility and 2) the components of these services are relevant to the areas assessed. The list of components (for CS6a) also excludes facilities that only conduct or refer for pre-employment HIV tests, excludes testing blood prior to transfusion and excludes facilities that refer people living with HIV/AIDS to another facility for assessment and testing if the referral facility is responsible for further services.

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