ART coverage in breastfeeding mothers

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Percentage of HIV-exposed breastfeeding infants whose mothers are receiving ART at 12 months (and 24 months) postpartum
What it measures

This indicator measures the programme's ability to reduce the risk of transmission via breastfeeding (Prong 3).

  • In many countries, the average breastfeeding period is 18-24 months. The long breastfeeding period represents an important risk period for HIV-exposed infants.
  • Ensuring that HIV-positive mothers are retained on ART, especially during the breastfeeding period, is critical to sustaining the health of the mother and preventing infection of her infant.

Number of HIV-exposed breasfeeding infants whose mothers are receiving ART at 12 months (and 24 months*) postpartum

*Or a timeframe matched to median duration of breastfeeding in the country


Number of HIV-exposed infants attending MCH services for a 12-month visit (and 24-month visit or first visit after the end of breastfeeding)

Method of measurement

For the numerator. Programme records (for example, PMTCT registers, ART registers)

For the denominator. Programme records (for example, MCH service records)

  • Age (<15, 15-19, 20-24, 25+)
  • Timing of ART initiation (already on ART at first ANC visit, newly on ART during pregnancy or labour and delivery)
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