Antiretrovirals: unit prices and volume

Export Indicator

What it measures

The average unit prices of antiretroviral regimens for a country’s HIV programme and the associated procurement volume


The average unit prices and procurement volume of antiretroviral commodities help monitor the antiretroviral medicine market dynamics and support the process of triangulating people reported to be on antiretroviral therapy.

Data type

The average unit price per pack of regimen in US$, and the absolute number of packs procured within a given period.


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Method of measurement

Procurement and supply chain management systems

Data collection tools

Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS)

Measurement frequency


  • By procurement batches. The number of packs procured needs to be provided for each batch of procurement of a regimen/formulation. When batch level data do not exist, then average annual unit price and the total number of packs procured annually need to be reported for this indicator.
Strengths and weaknesses

The procurement supply chain management systems (PSM) in countries maintain information on health commodity procurement at the central level. In some countries, there are LMIS that monitor commodities data at the level of the health facility. These information systems may be able to provide the data for reporting on this indicator.

Further information

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