Amount of public funds for Research and Development of preventive HIV vaccines and microbicides

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Amount of public funds for Research and Development of preventive HIV vaccines and microbicides
What it measures

To track public sector funding for research and development (R&D) for preventive HIV vaccines and microbicides.


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Method of measurement

Information on annual investment levels are collected from the national/federal departments and multilateral organizations identified who provide funding for preventive HIV vaccine and microbicide research and development. Information is collected on funds disbursed each year on a range of activities including: vaccine related basic science; pre-clinical research; clinical trials; support for clinical trial preparation; and advocacy and policy efforts directed at accelerating the development of these technologies and their eventual use. The estimates, however, do not include:
• Research and development expenditures/investments for vaccines with primarily therapeutic applications;
• Research not directed primarily at preventive HIV vaccines and/or microbicides but that may have benefi ts or links to either of these products (e.g., platform technologies).

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Strengths and weaknesses

• This indicator provides data on annual public sector funding for preventive HIV vaccine and microbicides research and development that can be used to monitor current levels of effort and trends in investment, spending and research focus over time.
• The indicator provides only a partial picture of global funding for HIV vaccines and microbicides as it does not include philanthropic and private sector funding.

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