Percentage of ARV distribution nodes that report on inventory consumption, quality, losses and adjustments on a monthly basis (Still under development)

Export Indicator

The percentage of ARV distribution nodes that report basic information on the logistics management system on a monthly basis. The information of importance is inventory consumption per month, quality and any problems with quality, losses from inventory st
What it measures

This indicator measures how the information needed to guide and maintain a well functioning ART supply programme is collected and used to make strategic decisions. Only by continually monitoring the inventory and distribution of ARTs, accounting for any loss and registering supply for first versus second line drugs can an ART programme hope to remain current and maintain control of these scarce and expensive drugs.
This indicator measures the frequency of collection and reporting of key information for logistics management, specifically inventory consumption per month, quality and any problems with quality of inventory, losses from inventory stores, and adjustments made on a monthly basis


Number of nodes reporting on monthly basis.


Total number of nodes

Method of measurement

Nodes can be identified through a review of the drug delivery system. Each point at which drugs are received for distribution at the district level should be included in the denominator. For countries where drugs are directly dispensed from a central unit to distribution points (health facilities, pharmacies, etc.)the only node(s) to include would be those at the central level. The denominator of this indicator is the number of nodes that report monthly.

Measurement frequency



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