Number of service outlets providing ART services according to national or international standards

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Service outlet: A service outlet refers to the lowest level of service. For example, with regard to clinical activities, the lowest level for which data exists should be a service outlet such as a hospital, clinic, or mobile unit. ART services: Activities
What it measures

This indicator measures the progress of a program to expand the number of locations in which ART services are delivered in accordance with national or international standards.


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Method of measurement

Count all service outlets providing ART including designated PMTCT+ sites.

Measurement frequency



Condom type: N/A

Education: N/A

Gender: N/A

Geographic location: N/A

HIV status: N/A

Pregnancy status: N/A

Sector: N/A

Service Type: N/A

Target: N/A

Time period: N/A

Type of orphan: N/A

Type/Timing of testing: N/A

Vulnerability status: N/A

Explanation of the numerator
Explanation of the denominator
Strengths and weaknesses

This indicator does not describe the geographic location or distribution of service outlets.
This indicator does not consider the quality of service provision, which would require more in-depth evaluation efforts like facility surveys. This is not a complete measure of coverage, as there is no denominator of total facilities. This does not account for non-USG supported service outlets.

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