Number of HIV-positive clients given TB preventive therapy

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The number of HIV-positive clients in whom active TB has been excluded and have been initiated on treatment for latent TB.
What it measures

TB preventive therapy is given to individuals with latent TB infection to reduce the likelihood of progression to active disease. As HIV-infection is the most powerful known risk factor for progression from latent infection to active disease, preventive therapy should be part of a package of care for people living with HIV/AIDS.


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Method of measurement

The data for this indicator can be located in places where HIV counseling/testing and care/treatment take place (VCT centers, PMTCT sites, HIV care centers, general health services that manage HIV/AIDS patients. Upon ruling out active TB disease (via the National TB Program Guidelines), HIV-infected patients should be offered TB preventive therapy

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Strengths and weaknesses

 Indicator does not measure completion of TB preventive therapy or adherence to such therapy. This indicator does not measure the duration of therapy.

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