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Indicator title
(OVC_HIVSTAT) Percentage of orphans and vulnerable children (<18 years old) with HIV status reported to implementing partner
Antiretroviral therapy coverage among people living with HIV in key populations (A–E)
AIDS mortality
(PMTCT_EID) Percentage of infants born to HIV-positive women who received a first virologic HIV test (sample collected) by 12 months of age
(PMTCT_FO) Percentage of final outcomes among HIV exposed infants registered in a birth cohort
(PMTCT_HEI_POS) Number of HIV-infected infants identified in the reporting period, whose diagnostic sample was collected by 12 months of age
(PMTCT_STAT) (including PMTCT_STAT_POS) Percentage of pregnant women with known HIV status at antenatal care (includes those who already knew their HIV status prior to ANC)
(TB_STAT) (including TB_STAT_POS) Percentage of new and relapse TB cases with documented HIV status
HIV testing in pregnant women
Early infant diagnosis
(CXCA_TX) Percentage of cervical cancer screen-positive women who are HIV-positive and on ART eligible for cryotherapy, thermocoagulation or LEEP who received cryotherapy, thermocoagulation or LEEP
(PMTCT_ART) Percentage of HIV-positive pregnant women who received ART to reduce the risk of mother-to-child-transmission (MTCT) during pregnancy
Vertical transmission of HIV
Preventing vertical transmission of HIV
(TB_ART) Proportion of HIV-positive new and relapsed TB cases on ART during TB treatment
Syphilis among pregnant women
(TX_CURR) Number of adults and children currently receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART)
(TX_ML) Number of ART patients (who were on ART at the beginning of the quarterly reporting period) and then had no clinical contact since their last expected contact
Congenital syphilis rate (live births and stillbirth)
Hepatitis B virus among pregnant women attending antenatal care services
(TX_NEW) Number of adults and children newly enrolled on antiretroviral therapy (ART)
(TX_RTT) Number of ART patients with no clinical contact (or ARV drug pick-up) for greater than 28 days since their last expected contact who restarted ARVs within the reporting period
(TX_TB) Proportion of ART patients screened for TB in the semiannual reporting period who start TB treatment
Active syphilis among sex workers
Active syphilis among men who have sex with men