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Indicator title
VMMC adverse events
Percentage of orphaned and vulnerable children aged 5–17 years who report improvement in their emotional well-being
Sexually transmitted infections: comprehensive case management
Life skills-based HIV and sexuality education: teacher training and teaching
TPT completion
Percentage of women accessing antenatal care (ANC) services who were tested for syphilis at first ANC visit
Number of targeted condom service outlets
Injecting drug users: safe injecting and sexual practices
Perception of peers’ sexual activity (peer norms)
Total attrition from ART
Percentage of HIV-positive pregnant women who were injecting drug users
HIV prevalence among pregnant women
Workplace HIV/AIDS control: transnational companies
Nutrition Counseling for People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
Young people having premarital sex in last year
Prevention of mother-to-child transmission during breastfeeding
TB screening coverage among new ART patients
Most-at-risk Populations: Knowledge about HIV Prevention
Percentage of infants born to HIV-infected women who are started on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis within two months of birth
Marker Services Indicator – Strengthening HIV integration
ART coverage in breastfeeding mothers
Migrants: HIV prevalence
Womens ability to negotiate safer sex with husband
Knowledge of prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV
Education: teacher attrition rate