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Indicator title
Undernutrition in People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
Quality post HIV test counselling
Percentage of individuals currently on OST who have been on OST continuously for 6 months in the past 12 months
(TX_CURR) Number of adults and children currently receiving antiretroviral therapy (ART)
Government funding for HIV/AIDS
Estimated number of opiate users (injectors and non-injectors)
Proportion of HIV-positive clients given treatment for latent TB infection
Most-at-risk Populations: Prevention Programmes
Use of specified health services by young people
National HIV/AIDS policy address links between TB and HIV
Proportion of all deaths attributable to HIV/AIDS
Number of the targeted population reached with individual and/or small group level HIV prevention interventions that are primarily focused on abstinence and/or being faithful, and are based on evidence and/or meet the minimum standards required
Percentage of Total Expenditures Spent on Food in HIV-affected Households
HIV prevalence among pregnant women
Orphans school attendance
(EMR_Site) Number of PEPFAR-supported facilities that have an electronic medical record (EMR) system
Percentage of infants born to HIV-infected women who are started on cotrimoxazole prophylaxis within two months of birth
Number of health facilities that offer paediatric antiretroviral therapy (ART)
Adult support of education on condom use for prevention of HIV/AIDS among young people
Number of individuals from the targeted audience reached through community outreach with at least one HIV information, education, communication or behavior change communication
Amount of public funds for Research and Development of preventive HIV vaccines and microbicides
Prisoners: HIV Prevalence
Education: Free basic support for orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) (three indicators)
Women completing the testing and counselling process
Condom use during anal sex among young men who have sex with men