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Indicator title
Percentage of children under the age of 18 who are orphans
Life skills-based HIV and sexuality education: orientation process for parents or guardians
Early viral load testing (at 6 months)
Percentage of health facilities that provide virological testing services (e.g. PCR) for diagnosis of HIV in infants on site or from dried blood spots (DBS)
Knowledge of a formal source of condoms among young people
Capacity to provide basic counselling and testing and to manage clinical services for HIV/AIDS
Nutrition Assessment for People Living with HIV (PLHIV)
Connection with an adult caregiver
HCV screening coverage
Life-skills-based HIV Education in Schools
Amount of public funds for Research and Development of preventive HIV vaccines and microbicides
PrEP continuation (at 3 months)
Facility-level injection safety
Migrants: HIV testing
Percentage of children who are vulnerable
Percentage of health facilities with post-exposure prophylaxis available [disaggregated by exposure (occupational, non-occupational) and sector (public, private)]
Referral to Food Security Services
Use of specified health services by young people
TB diagnostic testing type
Percentage of men who have sex with men with active syphilis
Women referred to FP services from ANC services offering the minimum package to prevent HIV in infants and young children
Percentage of children who are orphans
Education: student illness or death
Number of adults reported with syphilis (primary/secondary and latent/unknown) in the past 12 months
Knowledge of HIV prevention among injecting drug users